We often hear about lottery winners and dream about we would do with the winnings. But have you ever wondered where previous lottery winners are now? Here are three of the most interesting stories from when we caught up with what lotto winners spent their winnings on.

Jamaican Family Holiday

In 1996, Deana Sampson from Sheffield was down on her luck and struggling, with less than £5 in her bank account. She decided to try a Lotto ticket at her local shop. Incredibly, Deana won £5,439,681! This lottery winner was ecstatic and decided to share the wealth with her loved ones and bought her parents a bungalow. She bought herself an £800,000 yacht for her 40th birthday, but most lavishly of all, Deana took 22 family members to Jamaica for an incredible family holiday! That is certainly one amazing way to take a family holiday.

Youngest EuroMillions winner

Jane Park from Edinburgh was just 17 when she won £1 million in a 2013 draw of EuroMillions. She instantly became Britain’s youngest millionaire and began a life of luxury! Jane has since quit her £8 an hour job and left her council flat shared with her mother, before jet setting off on a 2 month holiday to Magaluf. She spent over £50,000 on cosmetic surgery, £60,000 on a BMW, VW Beetle, and Range Rover, and decked out her wardrobe with Louboutins. Of course, Jane bought a new home but has since bought a stunning second home.

Back in 2017, Jane created a website in the hopes of finding a partner, even offering £60,000 as an annual allowance! She received over 10,000 applications in the first 24 hours hoping to be her Mr. Right. Unfortunately, the young millionaire has said she is yet to find a suitable partner and has spoken publicly of how at times, being a lottery winner can be lonely.

Life-changing win

While most of us would dream of using lottery money to buy homes, cars or holidays. But for Tracy Field from Essex, her 2008 win was key to helping her health. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a year before winning £2,561,513 with a National Lottery ticket. While Tracy had been cleared, she later found more lumps. Fortunately, this time, instead of waiting, she was able to have the immediate medical treatment that she needed to put her mind at rest.

When asked about her win in 2008, Tracy said, “the last year has probably been the worst of my life, but this year could be the best.”

She was right! With the winnings, she was able to purchase a new home, car, and motorhome to travel around. Otherwise, the mother of two has chosen to spend her winnings modestly, living her life as normally as could be expected.