We all dream of a bit lottery win, and for these lucky people, not only did they win… but they won big! How big do you ask? Well, let’s take a look at the top 10 biggest lottery wins in UK Lotto results history!

 10. The Davies family from Monmouth – £61.1m

In July of 2016, a family syndicate with 5 members scooped up this massive prize after winning The National Lottery. Stephanie Davies 23, her Boyfriend Steve Powell 30, his sister Courtney aged just 19, and their mum Sonia 53 and her partner Keith 55 split the prize taking a cool £12m each.


9. Anonymous – £73.2m

This anonymous winner’s lucky day came from a draw on May 2nd, 2014.


8. Anonymous – £81.3m

This lucky ticket holder’s numbers came up in May of 2013.


7. Anonymous – £84.4m

This winner’s numbers came up in May of 2010 for this massive lottery win, but chose to keep their information private as many big winners do.


6. Anonymous – £93.3m

Another person who didn’t want their identity shared had this massive lottery win in June of 2015, but just missed out on making it to the top 5.


5.Dave and Angela Dawes – £101m

This lucky couple took home a huge lottery win on only their second time playing. Before winning EuroMillions in 2011, they were sharing a £70 per week flat and could not afford to get married!


4. Neil Trotter – £107m

Mechanic and racing car enthusiast Neil along with his partner Nicky Ottaway of Surrey won this massive EuroMillions jackpot in 2015.


3. Anonymous – £113m

In October of 2010 this anonymous winner scooped up £113m, earning them the number 3 biggest lottery win spot in UK lotto results history.


2. Adrian and Gillian Bayford – £148m

In August 2012, Children’s nurse Gillian and her partner Adrian claimed the number two biggest lottery wins spot with a win just short of £150m! The EuroMillions winners are reported to have planned to spend their winnings on trips to Disney World, but sadly, they couple separated in 2013.


1. Winners Colin and Chris Weir – £161m

This Scottish couple was awarded the record breaking lottery win of £161,000,000 prize in 2011, after they hit it big playing EuroMillions. This massive prize puts them in the number 1 spot in UK lotto results history for the biggest lottery wins. Reports state that they have spent part of their fortune or a mansion, cars for friends and family, and a minibus for a local charity.


Could you be holding on to one of the biggest lottery wins?

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