A recent Lotto winner from the Saturday Lotto 30 January 2021 draw has big plans for her windfall. The lucky winner’s Lotto results saw her go from cleaner to millionaire overnight! 

Kimberley Arrandale, from Greater Manchester, is still pinching herself after winning £1 million in a National Lottery draw. Despite her initial disbelief, the winner is over the moon with joy. 

I really can’t quite believe that this has happened to someone like me!” 

She admitted that initially, she had thought she had won £1,000, doing a double-take with the line of zeros. Kimberley recently turned 50 and the hard-working mum of two shared that upon winning, she and husband Bob treated themselves to a bottle of champagne to celebrate. 

The Saturday Lotto winner has some big plans for her winnings. She’s looking forward to making some home improvements, and sharing and treating her family. As many of us would love to, Kimberley is eager to travel. She plans to visit the Bahamas once restrictions are eased. 

However, Kimberley noted her top priority and first major purchase will actually be for the family’s beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Mr Bobby Boo. The 15 year old pooch struggles with mobility issues, and a harness on wheels is a must-have item on Kimberley’s wishlist.

I will be buying him the best set of dog wheels money can buy to hopefully make life so much more comfortable for him.” 

She continued, “This will bring me and Bob so much joy too!” 

Saturday Lotto Results 

Kimberley’s million-dollar win was thanks to the matching draw results in Saturday Lotto draw 2620 on 30 January 2021. 

Main winning numbers: 4, 28, 31, 36, 51, 55

Bonus Ball: 42

Congratulations Kimberley and all the best with Mr Bobby Boo’s new wheels! 


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