Terri, champion ballroom dancer from Leicestershire, celebrated her £1M Lotto win in true form – waltzing around the living room with her husband John! Terri, 69 year old £1M Lotto winner, said she intends to celebrate her win by buying a new dress and shoes to wear when it’s safe to return to the dance floor. Her retired husband, John, has his eye on a bespoke suit from London’s Savile Row.

Terri said, “The neighbours could see us jumping up and down, dancing and celebrating and asked us what we were doing. We told them about our win and they ended up celebrating with us, socially-distanced from our respective front gardens.”

The lucky Lotto winning couple were on their way to look for a new kitchen. They decided to purchase their ticket in the draw while they were out. They always purchase a Lucky Dip ticket, making it more exciting not knowing what you’re going to get!

Terri and John have already been generous with their winnings. Terri mentioned, “John gave the shop assistant at the garage who sold him the ticket £100 and said to her, ‘make sure you don’t do anything sensible with the money'”. They have also helped our some friends and family during COVID-19 with homeschooling supplies.

The couple are looking forward to when they can travel again, with plans of visiting Antarctica! They also want to take their grandchildren skiing.

Congratulations to this lucky couple – all the best!

£1M Lotto Winner Numbers

The winning Lotto numbers on January 9th were: 9, 21, 23, 30, 35, 38 and the Bonus Ball is 53. To win the jackpot, you must match all 6 main numbers. You can win a prize by matching as little as 2 main numbers. Terri and John managed to match 5 main numbers and the Bonus Ball, sending them home with £1,000,000! You can win a prize with matching as little as 2 main numbers.

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Congratulations again to the lucky winners!