Recent Saturday Lotto draw results have left a couple dancing with joy. Leicestershire couple, Terri Picton-Clark, and her husband were shocked to learn their Lotto ticket was a million-dollar winner. 

Terri shared how they had been on their way to look at new kitchens on the day they purchased the ticket. They had stopped in to fill up with petrol, where John also got a Lucky Dip lottery ticket. He had said, “You never know, we might win the Lottery!”. Fortunately, this time he was right!  

It wasn’t until Monday that John tried to check the ticket at the same garage. The cashier informed John that he needed to call Camelot (the lottery provider) as the prize was too much. He raced home to Terri, who was busy on a Zoom call. The couple were excited, thinking they had won £50,000 or another exciting amount. They couldn’t believe it when officials confirmed it was in fact a million dollars! 

The couple celebrated by dancing around their lounge room. Terri recalled the celebrations –  

The neighbours could see us jumping up and down, dancing and celebrating and asked us what we were doing. We told them about our win and they ended up celebrating with us, socially-distanced from our respective front gardens.” 

How they’ll spend their winnings

After celebrating with some champagne and dancing, John started spending the winnings by giving the shop assistant who had sold his winning ticket £100. They have also generously helped their friends and family, assisting with buying a laptop for friends who were home-schooling, and for their grandchild. 

As Terri is a champion ballroom dancer, the couple is looking forward to buying themselves some new clothes. Particularly, a new dress and shoes for Terri and a bespoke suit for John to wear when they can return to ballroom dancing. They are also eager to travel when it’s safe to do so – especially a ski trip or trip to Antarctica. 

Congratulations to the lucky couple! 

Lotto draw results

Their ticket won the £1 million prize in the Saturday the 9th of January 2021 Lotto draw. They matched 5 main numbers and the Bonus Ball. 

Winning main numbers: 9 – 38 – 21 – 30 – 23 – 35 

Bonus Ball: 53

There were 4 other entries that also won £1 million, while just one player had all 6 main numbers and took home the top prize of £20 million.