Players across the UK are winning incredible prizes, thanks to People’s Postcode Lottery. The much loved UK lottery gives players the chance to win prizes daily all while supporting good causes. Here’s our scoop on the lottery and some of our favourite People’s Postcode Lottery results and winners’ stories.

About People’s Postcode Lottery

With new draws every day, Saturday, Sunday, and each month, People’s Postcode Lottery has been making so many lottery winners smile since 2005. Players pay just £10 a month to enter their postcode in a draw. All the nominated postcodes are then entered and lucky winning postcodes are drawn in £1,000 Daily draws, Saturday and Sunday £30,000 Street draws, and Postcode Millions shared £3 Million monthly draws.

How People’s Postcode Lottery works

While winning prizes is certainly a great reason to play, each People’s Postcode Lottery subscription also goes towards supporting important charities. It guarantees that 32% of the ticket price goes to charity, with a rotation of the causes to ensure each charity receives a fair share. The lottery began in the UK in 2005. Since then, and with the support of players like you, over £700 Million has been raised for over 9,000 good causes and charities.

You can read more and purchase tickets on the People’s Postcode Lottery website.

People’s Postcode Lottery Results and Winners

Recent winners include four neighbours from Wolverhampton (WV4 6BS) who won £180,000! One of the winner’s doubled his share to take home £60,000, as he had two winning tickets for the draw.

In February 2021, another set of four Wigan neighbours (WN6 0JE) took home £1,000 each, while two Cheshire (CH66 4JY) residents celebrated winning £30,000 each!

One Hull of a win!

Back in April 2020, a Postcode Millions draw saw 520 players from Hull win a share in £3 Million, after their postcode sector, HU3 6, was drawn! However, two lucky neighbours who played the full winning postcode of HU3 6QQ are truly over the moon. They each received £198,355 – a life-changing amount.

One winner, Michael, explained how he was yet to change his address after a recent move. Fortunately for him, his old postcode was the winning one! Working as a pub DJ and currently volunteering at a local food store, Michael was ecstatic to receive the news and looks forward to buying a house and some champagne to celebrate. Of his Hull community, the People’s Postcode Lottery winner spoke highly.

“It’s been challenging but there are lots of nice people. Everyone in this area is lovely and there is already a community spirit here. I know the win will help everyone so much.”

The second Hull winner was Caroline, a worker in a department store restaurant. She screamed in shock, thinking of the things she could now do with the money. Top of her list was a massive party when lockdown is over! The winner also wants to treat her parents, start learning to drive, and getting her motorbike on the road.

Congratulations to all the lucky People’s Postcode Lottery winners!

Over 60% of Great Britain’s postcodes are playing in the People’s Postcode Lottery. Could yours be one of the next winners? Make sure to enter with your postcode and check Lottery Results UK for the latest People’s Postcode Lottery results.