An Irish woman has shared her incredible tale of becoming a EuroMillions winner. Not only did the EuroMillions results change her life, but also enabled her to help so many others. The winner, Frances, and her husband, Patrick, have given away more than half of their £114.9 million EuroMillions payout! 

The EuroMillions winner laughed when recalling the moment they won. Her husband checked the results, and after sharing a moment to double-check the numbers, they celebrated with a cup of tea. 

Daily life has not changed too much for the lucky couple. A new home and a second-hand £2,000 Jaguar were their biggest treats. Rather, she has used the winnings to help others.

EuroMillions winner gives generously

Despite winning one of the larger EuroMillions prizes, Frances has dedicated her time and money to helping others. 

Once confirming the great news from her EuroMillions results, Frances drafted a list of 50 family members and friends that she wanted to help financially. True to her character, she generously gifted them money. One of her most prized possessions is the scrapbook of thank you cards from people she has helped. 

“I have more joy from changing lives than buying jewellery.”

After the win, the humble woman was eager to buy a bungalow. The generous winner went on to explain that despite being able to buy a lavish home – even looking at an estate with a whole village at one point – she preferred a comfortable home. The home that she settled on with her husband is a 5 bedroom home on 5 acres of land, and features a pool and tennis court to enjoy with her family.

This year, Frances has bought some extra Christmas presents for people spending the holiday in hospital and young carers living in poverty. The items include over 1000 toiletries sets, 30 computers, 20 laptops, and dozens of dongles to allow access to the internet. 

Speaking to lottery officials, Frances joked about her generosity.

“Patrick joked for years that if we ever won the Lottery, he’d take away my mobile phone and never let me use the computer again because I’d give away the lot. But I’ve taken real joy from helping other people out.”

You can find out more about Frances and her incredible charity work on the National Lottery’s blog

EuroMillions results

Frances won £114.9 million in a EuroMillions draw on 1st January 2019. She won the jackpot for draw 1177 by matching the winning numbers 1, 8, 11, 25, and 28, as well as the Lucky Stars which were 4 and 6. 

She shared that typically her numbers are a mix of birthdays, but the winning EuroMillions numbers were from a last-minute online Lucky Dip. 

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