Lotto Results are a £5 Million Hole in One!

Paul Drake from West Lothian is one of the UK’s most recent millionaires after his Lotto results saw him winning £5,162,779 on a Lotto draw! The spontaneous choice to buy some Lucky Dips has him and his family celebrating.

Life-changing news

While most people would pass on waking up at 4:30 in the morning to carpool to work with their colleagues, it was a morning Paul would never forget. 

It was about 4:30 in the morning and I was just getting into the car when I had this niggling feeling to check my Lotto Lucky Dip numbers. I checked my ticket and just sat there in shock!”

The married father of two admits that despite not being an emotional guy, he burst into tears upon learning the Lotto results. Wanting to share the news with his wife, Louise, the new millionaire ran back in his house. She admitted that she got a terrible fright and thinking it was a smaller win. Of course, it was a happy surprise once she realised! 

The winner shared that despite the incredible fortune, he still had to go to work, as he was the designated driver. He refrained from sharing the news with his colleagues, but surely began to think of what his life might soon look like.

As an avid golfer and car fan, he is eager to buy a luxury Porsche. He also hopes to take his family traveling once restrictions allow. 

Lucky Dip indeed!

The new millionaire has been playing National Lottery games for decades – usually opting to choose his numbers. As fate would have it, the winning ticket was a Lucky Dip! 

“Normally I am quite organised with my playing… but I ended up just grabbing 3 Lucky Dips. I can tell you, the winning Lotto ticket did not leave my side for a week!”

Congratulations to Paul and the Drake family! 

National UK Lotto Winner Shares His Wish List

A 49-year-old accountant is overjoyed after his Lotto Lucky Dip scored him an amazing £1 Million! The UK Lotto winner told officials that while he’s used to seeing large numbers for work, it was an incredible feeling to know they would soon be in his bank account.

Malcolm Haines was out shopping at a local Reading supermarket when he decided to add a few Lucky Dips for the Lotto draw to his purchase. While every player hopes to win Lotto, a win is never guaranteed. He placed them in his phone case, not thinking much of them until later that day. 

Discovering the Lotto win

The father of two remembered to check his tickets just after midnight. His wife and kids had already gone to bed, but after hearing the winning sound when scanning his ticket, he knew he had to wake them up. Initially, he called for his wife, checking the Lotto results over and over again, before waking their children to share in the moment.

He may be restricted by lockdown and stock levels. However, the winner and his family won’t soon run out of ideas for spending the winnings. They shared that they stayed up until 5am after discovering the win. They discussed what they may buy and where they would travel to once restrictions ease. 

Plans to treat and travel

The fun-loving dad had many plans for how he would spend his windfall. He shared that the first thing he was going to do was buy a Lego Death Star – a fantastic (and expensive) set with over 4,000 pieces! Unfortunately, the store was out of stock. Hopefully, the winner can soon get his hands on one.

The winner explained that his chosen travel destination was Vicarage Road in Watford. The close travel is sure to be exciting for Malcolm. He explained it has been nearly a year since he was allowed into football! His wife had further dreams of traveling to Perth, Australia to see a friend whom she is yet to visit. 

National UK Lotto draw results

The lucky winner won £1,000,000 in the Saturday 9th January, 2021 National Lotto draw 2614. His Lucky Dip matched all the drawn numbers, earning him the top prize!

Main Numbers: 9 – 21 – 23 – 30 – 35 – 38 

Bonus Ball: 53

For your chance to win like Malcolm, make sure you get your ticket in the next draw and come back to check if you’re a winner with Lottery Results UK


£1 Million Saturday Lotto Winner On A Roll!

A Lotto winner from a Saturday Lotto draw has big plans for her windfall. The lucky winner’s Lotto results saw her go from cleaner to millionaire overnight! 

Kimberley Arrandale, from Greater Manchester, is still pinching herself after winning £1 million in a National Lottery draw. Despite her initial disbelief, the winner is over the moon with joy. 

I really can’t quite believe that this has happened to someone like me!” 

She admitted that initially, she had thought she had won £1,000, doing a double-take with the line of zeros. Kimberley recently turned 50 and the hard-working mum of two shared that upon winning, she and husband Bob treated themselves to a bottle of champagne to celebrate. 

The Saturday Lotto winner has some big plans for her winnings. She’s looking forward to making some home improvements, and sharing and treating her family. As many of us would love to, Kimberley is eager to travel. She plans to visit the Bahamas once restrictions are eased. 

However, Kimberley noted her top priority and first major purchase will actually be for the family’s beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Mr Bobby Boo. The 15 year old pooch struggles with mobility issues, and a harness on wheels is a must-have item on Kimberley’s wishlist.

I will be buying him the best set of dog wheels money can buy to hopefully make life so much more comfortable for him.” 

She continued, “This will bring me and Bob so much joy too!” 

Saturday Lotto Results 

Kimberley’s million-dollar win was thanks to the matching draw results in Saturday Lotto draw 2620 on 30 January 2021. 

Main winning numbers: 4, 28, 31, 36, 51, 55

Bonus Ball: 42

Congratulations Kimberley and all the best with Mr Bobby Boo’s new wheels! 


For your chance to win, make sure you get your Lotto ticket today and remember to check back at to find out if you’re the next winner! 

£1M EuroMillions results from spare change!

A Scottish woman couldn’t believe her eyes after discovering her EuroMillions results. Her spur-of-the-moment Lucky Dip ticket had scored her £1 Million! 

App-solute surprise

The winner shared that she had almost forgotten to get her tickets for the draw. Luckily, she uses the National Lottery app and could check out anywhere, anytime. Even better, she noticed she had a few extra pounds in the account and thought she would use it to buy another Lucky Dip. Much to her fortune, this second ticket saw her become an instant millionaire! 

The lucky winner’s ticket was drawn as the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker code in the draw. Upon learning the results shortly after the draw, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Shocked, she asked her partner to check. He too was speechless and had to call his father to check as well! 

While they were all celebrating, she admits it was a rather sleepless night while waiting to speak with Camelot. She was quite relieved to confirm the EuroMillions results the next morning! 

“My first reaction was just absolute shock. I just couldn’t believe it. Everyone is really happy for me – although my gran says she won’t believe it until she sees a picture of me holding the big cheque!”

How will she spend the EuroMillions results?

The 23-year-old from Arbroath in Scotland is overjoyed with the timing of her win. She hopes to use part of the winnings in further her dreams of becoming a digital illustrator. However, the win is welcome news with the woman and her partner expecting a baby boy in September! 

“We’ll obviously spoil him when he arrives, but I’m determined he will grow up with good values when it comes to money.”

In true Scottish humour, the pregnant couple toasted the win with a glass of Irn Bru instead of the traditional champagne. We’ll cheers to that! 

Congratulations to the happy family!

EuroMillions Results in a Million Dollar Windfall!

While her husband was paying full attention to a Euro 2020 match, Sammantha Young decided to purchase a couple of Lucky Dip EuroMillions tickets. The 33 year old woman from Basingstoke is celebrating her EuroMillions results, after taking home £1 Million in the 2nd July 2021 EuroMillions draw. She is one of 20 players who took home a special UK Millionaire Maker prize.

After supporting the England team in the match, Sammantha and her husband went to bed. She decided to check the EuroMillions results, but after seeing that there was no jackpot winner, thought little more of it. Incredibly, the following morning she saw a message from the National Lottery. 

The winner was excited, thinking she had won £1,000. In fact, it was actually 1,000 times that! Her husband pointed out the true prize.

“Neither of us were willing to dare believe that the win was real… Even when I called Camelot who confirmed the win, and then spoke with the winners’ advisor, I still couldn’t believe it. I mean, it’s a pretty big stretch to spend £2.50 and in return bank £1M

The lucky winner looks forward to celebrating with her husband and two children. Once it is safe to travel, she would love to go on some amazing getaways, like Bora Bora, and spoil the family with a few treats. Her football fanatic husband is eager to splurge on a Liverpool season ticket and a Range Rover Sport. Their son kept his request slightly more modest, asking only for a fidget spinner

Congratulations to the Young family!


EuroMillions Results – Draw 1438

The EuroMillions results for the 2nd July 2021 draw 1438 are:

Ball numbers: 9 – 14 – 29 – 38 – 49
Lucky stars: 7 – 10

There were 20 UK Millionaire Maker winners.

  1. HWJJ 90580
  2. HXJW 20318
  3. HXKD 91341
  4. JWJG 52544
  5. JXJR 64142
  6. JXKC 44946
  7. MWJG 13652
  8. MWJN 06638
  9. MXJR 10738
  10. MXKB 00924
  11. MXKB 55829
  12. TWJD 53925
  13. TWJF 85078
  14. TXJV 25096
  15. VXJP 82520
  16. VXJP 96861
  17. XXJX 05479
  18. ZXJR 71182
  19. ZXJS 06386
  20. ZXJZ 69776

Were you a lucky winner? 

Lotto HotPicks – Everything You Need To Know

Lotto HotPicks uses the numbers from the main Lotto draw but gives players a different way to win. But what exactly is Lotto HotPicks, how do you play and what are the odds? Fortunately, we’ve got all your questions answered!


What is the lottery HotPicks?

Lotto HotPicks is a separate game to the main Lotto draw. However, it uses the same numbers as the main game. Unlike Lotto, Lotto HotPicks allows players to choose how many numbers they would like to predict.

That is how the lottery HotPicks differs from Lotto. You must get all of the predicted numbers correct to win a prize. For example, you might choose to play a single number, which is then drawn. You would win the Pick 1 prize! However, if you predict two numbers but just one is drawn, you wouldn’t win a prize. The prize increases when your correctly predicted numbers increases.


How do you play Lotto HotPicks?

When playing the lottery HotPicks, you first have to decide how many numbers you would like to match – Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, Pick 2, or Pick 1. Pick 5 has a larger prize, but you have a lower chance of winning.

If you decide to Pick 5, you have to get all 5 numbers correct. If you only get 4 numbers correct in the Lotto HotPicks results, you do not win any prize. 

You can select your own numbers or you can choose a Lucky Dip which will randomly select the numbers for you.


When does the draw take place?

The lottery HotPicks draw takes place with Lotto – every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT and Saturday at 8:30 pm GMT. The lottery HotPicks results are available on Lottery Results shortly after the draw. 


Do I have to enter Lotto to play Lotto HotPicks?

You can play Lotto HotPicks without having to enter Lotto, it is a standalone game.

If you do wish to enter Lotto as well as Lotto HotPicks, you do not have to use the same numbers.


What are the odds of winning? 

The odds of winning change depending on how many numbers you select. The odds of Lotto HotPicks are:


Game How to Win Prize Odds
Pick 5 Match 5 £350,000 1 in 834,398
Pick 4 Match 4 £13,000 1 in 30,342
Pick 3 Match 3 £800 1 in 1,626
Pick 2 Match 2 £60 1 in 115
Pick 1 Match 1 £6 1 in 10


The prize tiers are fixed and are the same for every draw. That means, that even if two people win Pick 5, they will receive  £350,000 each. Much better than having to share a jackpot prize!


How much does it cost?

Lotto HotPicks costs £1 per line.


Where can I buy a ticket?

You can purchase tickets online through the National Lottery website or through the National Lottery app. You can also purchase tickets in-store through authorised retailers.


When does the Lotto HotPicks draw close?

Ticket sales close at 7:30 pm GMT on the night of the draw. Online ticket sales close at 11:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.


Can I watch the draw?

You can watch the draw on the National Lottery website. Alternatively, you can watch the Latest Draws on YouTube at 7:45 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.


Where can I find the Lotto HotPicks results?

You can find the lottery HotPicks results right here at Lottery Results.


How do I claim a prize?

Claiming your prize will differ depending on if you purchased the ticket online or through a retailer. Before you rush to claim a prize, make sure you have the right Lotto HotPicks results on Lottery Results.

If you purchased your ticket online:

Prizes up to £500 will be automatically paid into your account after the draw; you will then be able to transfer the funds into your bank account. Prizes between £501 and £30,000 will need a confirmation that the funds should be transferred into your bank account. If you win over £30,001, you will need to contact the National Lottery Customer Care Team. 

If you purchased from a retailer:

You can claim prizes up to £100 from any authorised retailer. Prizes under £500 can be claimed from an authorised retailer, providing they have sufficient funds. 

Prizes between £501 and £50,000 can be claimed at a National Lottery affiliated Post Office. If you win over £50,001 you will need to contact the National Lottery directly.

All prizes are valid for 180 days once the draw takes place. Any unclaimed lottery winnings will be donated to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

Lotto Draw Results Improve Winner’s Wellbeing

A Lotto winner and his wife are still coming to terms with their lotto draw results. Lottery officials caught up with the couple again and discovered how their life has changed since their £1 Million windfall.

Lotto draw results

David and Shelley Adams, from Chipping Norton, were overwhelmed upon learning their Lotto draw results were winners. Their lives had been changed forever following the August 1, 2020 Lotto draw.

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Steps ahead

When lottery officials first spoke to the Adam’s family in August, they learned that Shelley had recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her 2019 diagnosis came as a shock and forced her to retire from her beloved community carer job. Not only did this put a strain on their finances, it also affected her anxiety.

Shelley shared that she needed something to help her focus, crediting regular walking as an important part of her day. She aims to walk around her block at least twice a day, if her condition allows. While the couple have purchased two new cars with their winnings, they might not be using them quite as often! Shelley admits to trading in her old trainers for some new snazzy walking shoes, as well as a FitBit to track her walks.

Supporting a good cause

The winning couple are eager to participate in a fundraising event, the MS Walk Live. Fun runs and events such as this aren’t taking the same format this year, thanks to current coronavirus restrictions. However, that won’t stop everyone! Instead of groups of people undertaking MS Walks in various cities, the MS Society hosted a virtual walk on September 20, 2020 to raise funds for MS research.

Shelley and David are doing their part by raising awareness and funds through the MS Walk event. In the meantime, Shelley looks forward to keeping active and improving her daily wellbeing.

EuroMillions Results Create a Bus Load of Winners

A syndicate of lucky players are celebrating after learning their EuroMillions results scored them an incredible £1 Million UK Millionaire Maker win! The syndicate, who’s name is ‘Plan B’, are celebrating not only have winning but to also getting to share the joy with each other.

The EuroMillions syndicate of 10 have been playing for 8 years and work for the same bus company. Group members are aged between 30 and 65, and are made up of 9 bus drivers from the Stagecoach Carlisle bus depot, plus the company secretary.

One syndicate member, Kevin, 50, said that it wasn’t until he noticed he had missed three calls from their syndicate leader, David.

“We have a group chat and my phone just started to ping. I called David back and he just said, ‘Kevin, I need you to check our ticket. I think we may have won and won big!’”

Kevin has been a bus driver for 16 years. He’s also a loving father of 3, with 4 grandchildren. He plans to use the winnings to treat his family. However, Kevin also looks forward to living more comfortably with less financial stress.

While all players are looking forward to spending their winnings, no one is looking at retiring just yet.

“We all love our jobs – some of us were even back in work the day we found out we had won.”

EuroMillions Results

The syndicate won big on the Friday 16 April 2021 EuroMillions draw. The EuroMillions results were:

Ball numbers: 6 – 11 – 29 – 40 – 48
Lucky Stars: 5 – 9

The jackpot for the draw was £49,320,956. However, the team won the £1 Million UK Millionaire Maker prize with the code HVWX68256. The 10 syndicate members will share the prize equally, meaning each player is now £100,000 richer!

Congratulations to the winners!

Friday lottery fun with EuroMillions

If you’re looking for something fun to round off your working week, why not enter a Friday lottery? EuroMillions is an exciting lottery that gives you the chance to win big jackpots every Tuesday and Friday. Plus, you can play from just £2.50 – all from the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to find out more about this favourite Friday lottery.

All about EuroMillions

How to play EuroMillions

To play EuroMillions, you’ll need to select 5 main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12. You can choose your own numbers or have the numbers chosen at random using a Lucky Dip.

After you have your numbers, you choose whether you want to enter the Tuesday or Friday lottery draw. You can also opt to play more than once if you want to play again!

Play up to 7 lines of numbers on each play slip, with up to 10 play slips able to be purchased at one time.

How to win EuroMillions

To win the EuroMillions jackpot you’ll need to match all 5 main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers. If you miss out on the jackpot, you can still win prizes by matching just 2 main numbers or more.

Even more, one of the best features of EuroMillions is the included UK Millionaire Maker game. When you buy any EuroMillions ticket, you are automatically entered in the UK Millionaire Maker game that gives you another chance to win. One ticket from every EuroMillions draw will win a guaranteed £1 Million!

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EuroMillions winner shares her fortune with others

An Irish woman has shared her incredible tale of becoming a EuroMillions winner. Not only did the EuroMillions results change her life, but also enabled her to help so many others. The winner, Frances, and her husband, Patrick, have given away more than half of their £114.9 million EuroMillions payout! 

The EuroMillions winner laughed when recalling the moment they won. Her husband checked the results, and after sharing a moment to double-check the numbers, they celebrated with a cup of tea. 

Daily life has not changed too much for the lucky couple. A new home and a second-hand £2,000 Jaguar were their biggest treats. Rather, she has used the winnings to help others.

EuroMillions winner gives generously

Despite winning one of the larger EuroMillions prizes, Frances has dedicated her time and money to helping others. 

Once confirming the great news from her EuroMillions results, Frances drafted a list of 50 family members and friends that she wanted to help financially. True to her character, she generously gifted them money. One of her most prized possessions is the scrapbook of thank you cards from people she has helped. 

“I have more joy from changing lives than buying jewellery.”

After the win, the humble woman was eager to buy a bungalow. The generous winner went on to explain that despite being able to buy a lavish home – even looking at an estate with a whole village at one point – she preferred a comfortable home. The home that she settled on with her husband is a 5 bedroom home on 5 acres of land, and features a pool and tennis court to enjoy with her family.

This year, Frances has bought some extra Christmas presents for people spending the holiday in hospital and young carers living in poverty. The items include over 1000 toiletries sets, 30 computers, 20 laptops, and dozens of dongles to allow access to the internet. 

Speaking to lottery officials, Frances joked about her generosity.

“Patrick joked for years that if we ever won the Lottery, he’d take away my mobile phone and never let me use the computer again because I’d give away the lot. But I’ve taken real joy from helping other people out.”

You can find out more about Frances and her incredible charity work on the National Lottery’s blog

EuroMillions results

Frances won £114.9 million in a EuroMillions draw on 1st January 2019. She won the jackpot for draw 1177 by matching the winning numbers 1, 8, 11, 25, and 28, as well as the Lucky Stars which were 4 and 6. 

She shared that typically her numbers are a mix of birthdays, but the winning EuroMillions numbers were from a last-minute online Lucky Dip. 

If you would like the chance to win like Frances, make sure you get your ticket in store or online, and come back to check your Lottery Results