Which country wins EuroMillions Euro Lottery the most?

One of Europe’s most popular Euro lottery games is EuroMillions. It is also referred to as the Euro Lottery or Euro Lotto. This is a game which takes place every week on Tuesday and Friday evenings. To win, you choose five numbers between 1 and 50, as well as two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.

Nine countries can enter any EuroMillions Euro lottery draw – Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. 

So which country wins EuroMillions most often? 

Most Euro Lottery winners by country

Since it began in 2004, EuroMillions has made hundreds of people millionaires and paid out 2.8 million prizes. There have been 343 jackpot winners, with the most recent being in February 2020, with the lucky winners taking home £14.3 million.

France and the UK have the most Euro Lottery jackpot winners, with both having 104 winners. Spain is close behind with 102 winners. Next is Portgual with 77 winners, followed by Belgium with 38 winners and Switzerland with 22 winners. Austria and Ireland both have 17 winners, and Luxembourg has just three.

There are also 12 prize tiers other than the jackpot. When considering all prize tiers, France is still the country which wins the most often, winning 24.3 percent of prizes. The UK comes in second with 22 percent, followed by Spain at 19.3 percent. Ireland comes in last with 2.1% of the overall prizes won.

Euro Lottery jackpot winners by population

While these numbers clearly show people from France are winning far more frequently than Luxembourg, they don’t take into account the size of the population. 

France has the largest population, with 67.2 million people, while Luxembourg has just 590,667 residents. This means Luxembourg has a jackpot winner per 196,889 people, with France having a win for every 646,153 people. 

Portugal has the most winners per person, with one jackpot every 133,636 people.  

When should you play EuroMillions? 

Want to try and increase your chances of winning EuroMillions? You may wish to try to be selective with when you purchase your ticket – some days and months of the year are luckier than others.

EuroMillions is drawn twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. A staggering 80 percent of jackpot winners took home the jackpot prize on Friday, with 389 winners and just 95 on Tuesday.

Which Euro Lottery draw time do you prefer to play? 

If you are going to only play once per year, you may wish to choose September, with 70 jackpot winners. December and August both have the fewest number of winners, with 27 people winning the jackpot in these months.

The 28th is the most popular day of the month to win EuroMillions, with 31 winners, or 6.40%. This is closely followed by the 8th with 30 winners or 6.20%. However, 17 November is the day where there have been most jackpot winners, with 20 people winning on this date.

Remember, once you have purchased your EuroMillions ticket, you can check if you have won right here at Lottery Results.


*Article has been republished. Statistics and data were accurate at the original time of writing – February 25, 2020. 

Lotto Draw Tonight – £11.8M Must Be Won!

Get excited! The UK National Lotto draw tonight is a Lotto Must Be Won draw. This gives all players the chance to win even better prizes! Don’t miss your chance to win.

The Lotto draw tonight is a Lotto Must Be Won draw. That means that if no one matches the 6 main numbers to win the jackpot, there will be a Rolldown. A Rolldown is where all the winning players share the jackpot amount, boosting everyone’s Lotto prizes!

Match 2 winners will not only receive a Lotto Lucky Dip, but also a £5 bonus to their Lotto prize. All other winning prize tiers will receive a boost from sharing in the jackpot prize. 

How to Play Lotto

You must match 6 main numbers to win the jackpot. To win £1 million, match 5 main numbers plus the Bonus ball. Other combinations of matches have various Lotto prizes, right through to matching 2 numbers to win a Free Lucky Dip. 

Moreover, with the Lotto Must Be Won promotion, you can expect to win even more!

When is the Lotto draw tonight?

The Lotto draw time is 8:30pm tonight.

However, ticket sales close prior to the draw. Lotto ticket sales close at 11:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday and Saturday Lotto ticket sales close at 7:30pm.

Where can I buy Lotto tickets?

Lotto tickets can be purchased from just £2 at authorised National Lottery retailers. Alternatively, you can buy tickets online from the National Lottery website.

How can I watch the Lotto draw tonight?

The National Lottery website offers the latest Lotto results. However, if you miss out you can also catch up on the Latest Draws playlist on their official YouTube channel. They publish results videos at 7:45pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

Where can I find Lotto results?

You can find the latest Lotto results and Lotto results history at lotteryresults.co.uk shortly after the draw.

UK Lotto winners

Could you be the next Lotto winner? Make sure you get your ticket and come back to check your Lotto results at LotteryResults.co.uk!

Lotto HotPicks – Everything You Need To Know

Lotto HotPicks uses the numbers from the main Lotto draw but gives players a different way to win. But what exactly is Lotto HotPicks, how do you play and what are the odds? Fortunately, we’ve got all your questions answered!


What is the lottery HotPicks?

Lotto HotPicks is a separate game to the main Lotto draw. However, it uses the same numbers as the main game. Unlike Lotto, Lotto HotPicks allows players to choose how many numbers they would like to predict.

That is how the lottery HotPicks differs from Lotto. You must get all of the predicted numbers correct to win a prize. For example, you might choose to play a single number, which is then drawn. You would win the Pick 1 prize! However, if you predict two numbers but just one is drawn, you wouldn’t win a prize. The prize increases when your correctly predicted numbers increases.


How do you play Lotto HotPicks?

When playing the lottery HotPicks, you first have to decide how many numbers you would like to match – Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, Pick 2, or Pick 1. Pick 5 has a larger prize, but you have a lower chance of winning.

If you decide to Pick 5, you have to get all 5 numbers correct. If you only get 4 numbers correct in the Lotto HotPicks results, you do not win any prize. 

You can select your own numbers or you can choose a Lucky Dip which will randomly select the numbers for you.


When does the draw take place?

The lottery HotPicks draw takes place with Lotto – every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT and Saturday at 8:30 pm GMT. The lottery HotPicks results are available on Lottery Results shortly after the draw. 


Do I have to enter Lotto to play Lotto HotPicks?

You can play Lotto HotPicks without having to enter Lotto, it is a standalone game.

If you do wish to enter Lotto as well as Lotto HotPicks, you do not have to use the same numbers.


What are the odds of winning? 

The odds of winning change depending on how many numbers you select. The odds of Lotto HotPicks are:


Game How to Win Prize Odds
Pick 5 Match 5 £350,000 1 in 834,398
Pick 4 Match 4 £13,000 1 in 30,342
Pick 3 Match 3 £800 1 in 1,626
Pick 2 Match 2 £60 1 in 115
Pick 1 Match 1 £6 1 in 10


The prize tiers are fixed and are the same for every draw. That means, that even if two people win Pick 5, they will receive  £350,000 each. Much better than having to share a jackpot prize!


How much does it cost?

Lotto HotPicks costs £1 per line.


Where can I buy a ticket?

You can purchase tickets online through the National Lottery website or through the National Lottery app. You can also purchase tickets in-store through authorised retailers.


When does the Lotto HotPicks draw close?

Ticket sales close at 7:30 pm GMT on the night of the draw. Online ticket sales close at 11:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.


Can I watch the draw?

You can watch the draw on the National Lottery website. Alternatively, you can watch the Latest Draws on YouTube at 7:45 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.


Where can I find the Lotto HotPicks results?

You can find the lottery HotPicks results right here at Lottery Results.


How do I claim a prize?

Claiming your prize will differ depending on if you purchased the ticket online or through a retailer. Before you rush to claim a prize, make sure you have the right Lotto HotPicks results on Lottery Results.

If you purchased your ticket online:

Prizes up to £500 will be automatically paid into your account after the draw; you will then be able to transfer the funds into your bank account. Prizes between £501 and £30,000 will need a confirmation that the funds should be transferred into your bank account. If you win over £30,001, you will need to contact the National Lottery Customer Care Team. 

If you purchased from a retailer:

You can claim prizes up to £100 from any authorised retailer. Prizes under £500 can be claimed from an authorised retailer, providing they have sufficient funds. 

Prizes between £501 and £50,000 can be claimed at a National Lottery affiliated Post Office. If you win over £50,001 you will need to contact the National Lottery directly.

All prizes are valid for 180 days once the draw takes place. Any unclaimed lottery winnings will be donated to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

Kent woman wins again with Thunderball draw results

Sheila Garrett from Kent has had lightning strike twice, after winning the lottery – again! The lucky winner has been dancing up a storm, celebrating the exciting Thunderball draw results that saw her £500,000 richer! Her Thunderball Friday entry is the second major prize win for this great-grandmother of 15, after previously winning a US lottery with the same lucky Thunderball numbers! 

Prior to 2020, Sheila would buy her Thunderball tickets at the shops. However, this year she has taken to playing online and checking them online. Results are available shortly after the draw at LotteryResults.co.uk. As Sheila had an online UK Thunderball Friday ticket, she received an email that she had won and shared that she instantly knew she had won the £500,000 top prize. 

The 80-year-old has admitted that while she knew she was destined to win, her winning Thunderball draw results are still rather surreal. After sharing the news with her family, she is looking forward to using the funds wisely. 

While buying a bungalow was what she initially wanted, she is now setting her sights on a more enjoyable option. Sheila enjoys life in her retirement community with a lovely flat, social club, and trips. Winning the Thunderball lottery allows her to keep enjoying her life but perhaps moving to the larger flat in the complex. Furthermore, she’s eager to get stuck into some renovations and keeping herself occupied with redeveloping the flat. 

Winning Thunderball numbers

Incredibly, Sheila has won a major lottery prize before. While living in Florida in the early 1990s, she won $20,000. Even more, it was the same winning Thunderball numbers she had used back then! She split her birthdate, the 28th, to 2 and 8, as the game from the US she had played only allowed numbers up to 26. Then, she used her children’s birthdates of 5, 14, and 24. Her favourite number, 10, was the winning Thunderball number. 

Sheila jokes that despite her incredible luck in winning a lottery twice, she is just getting started. 

“It will have to be EuroMillions next!” 

Could you be the next UK Thunderball winner? Don’t forget to check your Thunderball draw results at LotteryResults.co.uk.

49s Lottery – Everything You Need To Know

The 49s lottery is one of the UK’s favourite games. But what exactly is UK 49s Lotto, how do you play and how much will you win? We’ll take you through everything you need to know, plus where to find UK 49 latest results, 49s history, and more. 


What is the 49s lottery?

49s is a draw that takes place twice a day, every day. There is a 49s lunchtime draw and a 49s teatime draw each day of the week.

49s is named after the number of balls that are in play. 49s involves drawing six balls, including a Booster ball, with balls numbered from 1 to 49.

UK 49s Lotto is different than standard lotteries, as each bookmaker has different rules. Make sure to check with your bookmaker before playing in case their rules or odds differ.


How do you play UK 49s Lotto?

To play, you select whether you would like to play in the six ball draw or seven ball draw. The seven ball draw includes the Booster ball and therefore increases your chances of winning. 

In the six ball draw, you choose up to five numbers from the first six to be drawn. In the seven ball draw, you choose up to five numbers from all seven which will be drawn. 

Unlike other UK lotteries, the 49s lottery is based on a betting system. After choosing a draw and your numbers, you’ll need to decide on the amount you would like to bet. You’re betting on those numbers being drawn. Since there are two draws a day, you will need to choose which of the daily draws you want to play in – either the lunchtime or teatime draw. You can also choose to play in multiple draws. 

Finally, place your bet with the bookmaker of your choosing.


What time is the 49s draw? 

UK 49s Lotto is drawn twice a day, every day. There is a draw at lunchtime, at 12:49 pm GMT and another at teatime, at 5:49 pm GMT (or 4:49 pm GMT in Winter). 


What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the 49s are:


Matched numbers          Odds


Six numbers                    1 in 13,983,816

Five numbers                  1 in 1,906,884

Four numbers                 1 in 211, 876

Three numbers               1 in 18,424

Two numbers                  1 in 1,176

One number                    1 in 49


Where can I play 49s Lotto?

You can play 49s at most bookmakers. Some companies, such as Ladbrokes, will allow you to play online. 


How much does it cost to play?

The 49s lottery does not have a fixed price, as it works on a betting system. Instead, you can choose how much you want to bet. 


How much will I win?

Unlike other lotteries, 49s doesn’t have a prize structure. Instead, prizes are based on the odds of winning and your 49s results. Winnings will also differ depending on how much you bet on the draw.

For example, if you placed a £1 wager on a teatime draw and matched five numbers, you could win £125,000 in the six number draw, or £40,000 in the seven number draw. The winnings double if you placed a £2 wager. 

Each bookmaker will have different odds, so it’s best to check which bookmaker has the best odds before playing. 


Where can I find UK 49 latest results?

You can find the UK 49 latest results, 49 results history, right here at Lottery Results. We publish the latest 49 lunchtime results and 49 teatime results every day after each draw. You can also find a complete record of the 49s history of draw results to check your results on previous draws. 

Best of luck!


EuroMillions Winner – Five Years Later

When Anne Canavan bought a spontaneous EuroMillions Friday ticket in October 2015, little did she know she would soon become a millionaire! The mum of four from Derry recently caught up with National Lottery officials and recounted how her EuroMillions lottery results had changed her life.

Life as a EuroMillions winner

The lucky winner recalled what led to her buying her winning ticket. She shared that she had been out with a friend shopping and decided to buy a Tuesday EuroMillions ticket. While checking out, she found some extra quid in her pocket and chose to buy a EuroMillions Friday ticket as well. Incredibly, it was this spontaneous decision that landed her a £1 Million EuroMillions payout! 

Anne reflected on the EuroMillions draw, noting that she had a strange feeling. Typically, she would wait for a few tickets to check the EuroMillions lottery results. However, that fateful Friday, she felt the urge to check her Euro Lotto results, getting out of bed at 1am to check her results several times on her laptop. 

While she was initially shocked, the EuroMillions winner is forever grateful for the life-changing event. The winner shared how she has used the EuroMillions payout to help fund her inventions and writing. Anne is the inventor of the Snotblot, a wristband that stores tissues, as well as other innovative products. Having also written 15 children’s stories, she is a creative force to be reckoned with! Best of luck to Anne with all her endeavours! 

You can find out more about Anne on the National Lottery website.


More About EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a Euro Lottery that offers draws every Tuesday and Friday evening. For everything you need to know about EuroMillions head to our How to Play EuroMillions guide

For information on the odds of winning EuroMillions and other lotteries, visit our page: Which UK Lottery Has the Best Odds of Winning? 

Above all, don’t forget to check those Euro Lottery results! Remember to visit Lottery Results UK after each draw for the latest EuroMillions lottery results.

UK National Lotto Winners – One Year Later

We often hear about lottery winners and their plans to use the prize winnings. But what do they really end up doing? Officials recently caught up with two UK National Lotto winners from Nuneaton who won £1 Million in September 2019.

Double the luck!

Martin recalled how he had won a Lucky Dip on the previous Lotto draw and decided to play the following draw with his wife. Incredibly, the Lucky Dip was even luckier and won! After learning that their Lotto draw results had the winning numbers, Martin and Debbie were overjoyed. They had the 5 main numbers and bonus ball required to win the top prize in the Lotto draw on 18 September 2019. 

Lanzarote Lifestyle

After winning, Martin was quick to splash out on a new Volkswagen T-Roc. The special purchase was well-deserved and will be great to help transport fishing tackle for much-loved family fishing trips. 

When the couple first spoke with officials last year, they were looking forward to planning for a future in the sunshine and treating their family. 

We’ve always dreamed of having our own little place in Lanzarote. We’re now in a position where we can actually do this, we can live our dream and go out there several times a year, perhaps even spend winters out there. And our relatives can use it too. One day we’d love to move to Lanzarote full time.”

The National Lottery team were lucky enough to catch up with the winners again one year later. True to their word, the winning couple has indeed bought a holiday home in Lanzarote! The clean beaches, friendly people, and the calm environment is everything they could dream of and truly paradise for the couple. 

You can view the UK National Lotto winners interview with the winner’s advisor for the Midlands and East Anglia below. 

Curious about other UK National Lotto winners? Visit our article Lottery winners – Where are they now?

Lotto Draw Results Improve Winner’s Wellbeing

A recent Lotto winner and his wife are still coming to terms with their lotto draw results. Lottery officials caught up with the couple again and discovered how their life has changed since their £1 Million windfall.

David and Shelley Adams, from Chipping Norton, were overwhelmed upon learning their Lotto draw results were winners. Their lives had been changed forever following August 1, 2020 Lotto draw.

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Steps ahead

When lottery officials first spoke to the Adam’s family in August, they learned that Shelley had recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her 2019 diagnosis came as a shock and forced her to retire from her beloved community carer job. Not only did this put a strain on their finances, it also affected her anxiety.

Shelley shared that she needed something to help her focus, crediting regular walking as an important part of her day. She aims to walk around her block at least twice a day, if her condition allows. While the couple have purchased two new cars with their winnings, they might not be using them quite as often! Shelley admits to trading in her old trainers for some new snazzy walking shoes, as well as a FitBit to track her walks.

Supporting a good cause

The winning couple are eager to participate in a fundraising event, the MS Walk Live. Fun runs and events such as this aren’t taking the same format this year, thanks to current coronavirus restrictions. However, that won’t stop everyone! Instead of groups of people undertaking MS Walks in various cities, the MS Society hosted a virtual walk on September 20, 2020 to raise funds for MS research.

Shelley and David are doing their part by raising awareness and funds through the MS Walk event. In the meantime, Shelley looks forward to keeping active and improving her daily wellbeing.

Last chance for unclaimed EuroMillions winnings!

If you have ever played a Tuesday or Friday EuroMillions game, you know just how exciting the game can be. After all, with each draw, you have the chance to win a guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of €17 million (approximately £15 million) or more! Plus, with every draw, one UK ticket is guaranteed to win a £1,000,000 prize with the bonus UK Millionaire Maker prize. But imagine winning and not knowing about it? With a claim period of just 180 days, you’re going to want to check! Here are the three current unclaimed EuroMillions winnings that are yet to be claimed, including one win that has a claim period ending today!

UK Millionaire Maker, City of Leeds

Today, September 16, 2020, is the last chance to claim this £1 Million prize! Players who enter Friday the 20th of March 2020 EuroMillions draw 1304 are urged to check their tickets again! One ticket holder from the City of Leeds has won £1,000,000 thanks to the bonus UK Millionaire Maker game. The UK Millionaire Maker game is a free additional game that is automatically included on all UK EuroMillions players’ tickets. By selecting one winner per draw, it guarantees a millionaire is created each and every EuroMillions draw. In other words, the UK could have two new millionaires a week thanks to UK Millionaire Maker! 

In addition to the EuroMillions draw, UK players are given the Millionaire Maker bonus games. Unique codes consisting of four letters and five numbers (eg. EEEE12345) are automatically added for each game line of EuroMillions numbers. Then, a raffle draw is conducted with all the unique codes to pick one lucky million-dollar winner. The winning UK Millionaire Maker number for draw 1304 is MGKX92653

Make sure to check your tickets to see if you have won this bonus game! The winner must lodge a claim for their unclaimed EuroMillions winnings by 16th of September 2020. After this date, the million will go to the National Lottery’s projects and Good Causes.

EuroMillions Match 5, Manchester

The next EuroMillions unclaimed lottery ticket is from draw 1337 on 14 July, 2020. One ticket holder from Manchester is sitting on a win of £64,186.50 and may not even know!

The unclaimed EuroMillions win came after the player matched 5 winning numbers. Nothing is known about the ticket or player, other than that it was sold in Machester.

The unclaimed lottery results for EuroMillions draw 1337 are 11, 22, 30, 37, 47, and Lucky Stars 9 and 10.

Remember to check those tickets before the last date to claim on 10 January, 2020!

EuroMillions Match 5, West Tyrone

Another unclaimed EuroMillions prize is also a Match 5 win of £87,534.10. The ticket was entered in draw 1342 on 31 July, 2020.

As with the previous winner, little is known other than the winning location of West Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The results for the unclaimed lottery win are 21, 24, 30, 46, and 49, and Lucky Stars 2 and 5.

If you purchased a ticket in this draw and live nearby, make sure you check your ticket’s results! While there is certainly a bit more time than our first unclaimed prize, if you are the lucky winner you’ll need to take action before the last date to claim on 27 January, 2021.

How do I know if I have won?

If you have a paper ticket from a store, you will need to manually check the ticket’s results yourself. Online players may receive their results via email or check from the website you purchased the ticket from.

You can also always check your results right here at Lottery Results to find out if you’re a lucky EuroMillions winner. If you have won the jackpot, you will need to contact an official representative or visit a lottery headquarters to claim your prize. 

Life-changing £500,000 Thunderball win

Many of us dream about winning the lottery. But only some are lucky enough to experience the incredible winning feeling. One couple from Penlan, Wales, recently had a £500,000 life-changing moment after a Thunderball draw. Fortunately, their ticket had the Thunderball winning numbers!

Recent Thunderball draw winner

Sue Davies, 64, and her husband Alan, 60, have been having a difficult time after these past months of shielding. 

As luck would have it, the couple’s ticket in the Saturday 15th August 2020 Thunderball draw was a winning entry! They enter the Saturday Thunderball every week, purchasing a ticket each week with the weekly Friday shopping. They shared how Alan always checks the results on his iPad each Saturday, but this week was certainly one to remember. Sue recounted how she couldn’t believe it when her husband came upstairs to tell her the Thunderball results. After that, she admitted to a few choice words and rang her three daughters to share the good news. 

While speaking with lottery officials, Sue explained how she had won a few smaller prizes over the years, but a half a million pounds was just amazing! After a few tough months, they are looking forward to celebrating at home with some champagne and the family when possible. Above all, the couple are looking forward to using the funds to purchase a new dream bungalow.

The couple have 8 children together and realised their home was not the most suitable for everyone spending so much time at home. On top of the recent restrictions, Sue’s health has been deteriorating. She shared how the home’s stairs had become a challenge and that it is very hard to get around. Sue shared how she has been dreaming about a bungalow throughout the lockdown period. 

Thunderball winning numbers

The Thunderball winning numbers for Thunderball draw 2705 are 1, 10, 15, 21, 39, and the Thunderball 12.

The winners credit their £500,000 win to their special numbers. Their chosen digits have been updated over the years, with the addition of grandchildren. However, the numbers all mark the birthdays of family members. The Thunderball number 12 is the birthday of one of their grandsons. 

Meet the Thunderball winner

If you want the chance to win and change your life, get your Thunderball ticket today. Don’t forget to come back and check your Thunderball draw results on Lottery Results UK!